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Health and Safety at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions

Our Journey to Zero accidents

The best and most successful ambassadors are those who own the project and so within ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions we are striving to ensure that our 17000 employees embrace our strong ‘zero accident’ safety culture and behaviour. Health and Safety concerns all aspects of our business and all people from the shopfloor to our managers and beyond.

One of our key objectives is to develop our awareness campaign towards our external contacts and subcontractors to ensure that they are treated in and behave in the same way as our own employees with regards to health and safety and in particular how risks are managed on and off our sites.

Through our involvement as an official partner and the implementation of the “Working together for risk prevention’ Campaign we will be able to move one step further on our road to achieving our ultimate goal, a healthy workplace for all.

Alain LeGrix CEO ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions