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Cassette SP®

Cassette SP® is a cladding façade with invisible fixings used for facades with flat appearance and vertical or horizontal recessed joints

  • Covering on masonry walls, concrete walls, or steel trays
    For new buildings or renovation, blind walls or wall with punched windows
  • Cassettes SP® is a used for facades with flat appearance and either vertical or horizontal recessed joints, either no recessed joints
  • Invisible slide in fixing onto top hat profiles
  • The size of the recessed joints can be adapted, therefore the cassettes are specially shaped in factory in order to guarantee an easy installation proces

  • Wave maximum height of steel: 1 500 mm
    Wave maximum height of aluminium profile: 1 300 mm
    Recessed joint: 0 à 30mm
  • Gauge:
    - Galvanized steel: 1,5 mm
    - Stainless steel: 1,5 mm
    - Aluminium alloy: 2 mm
    - Copper and Zinc on demand
  • Perforations possible

Cassettes SP®, ZA Les Escarnotières, Atebat Architect


Conseils de mise en œuvre Cassettes SP®

The use of these systems requires as a preliminary layout taking into account the building dimensions, the openings and eventually the dilations joints
The perfect alignment of the sub-framing is essential in order to obtain a uniform smooth facade. In general, fixings are not visible
The installation should be carried out according to good practice