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50,000 m² of Cofraplus® 60 for the construction of D2 Tower in Paris-La-Défense


ArcelorMittal supplies flooring solutions for the iconic D2 Tower in Paris.

ArcelorMittal Construction is providing 50,000m2 of Steel Composit floor deck Cofraplus® 60 for the construction of the D2 Tower in Paris, France, in addition to products being provided by the long steel part of the Group.

D2, which will be constructed in the La Defense area of Paris, is the first steel skyscraper in the entire country. The architects chose Cofraplus® 60 for slabs that would be both strong but lightweight. Cofraplus® 60 is a mixed system solution that combines the performance of a galvanized steel profile and concrete. Tower after tower, from the flooring to the decking all the way to the rebars, the system is light-weight and robust, as well as easy to install. Its compactness also brings an added value on construction sites where space is sometimes limited, as is the case for the D2 tower.

The first deliveries of steel began in the third quarter of 2012 and will be completed in 2013. Construction on the 50,000 m2 building will be completed in 2014.

ArcelorMittal commercial section is providing 4,200 tonnes of long steel products include 3,000 tons of HISTAR® jumbo beams and 1,200 tonnes of cellular beams.

The D2

The tower’s external structure "mesh", or diagrid in architecture terms, will give the façade a diamond-like shine with thousands of diamond-shaped windows reflecting the daylight to create a unique lighting effect. Owned by Bouygues Immobilier and Sogeprom and built by VINCI Construction France, the D2 Tower has 37 floors and will stand -171 meters tall once completed. Designed in the large urban renewal project of La Defense, the D2 Tower will become one of the most spectacular buildings in the business district.

The skyscraper was designed by architect Anthony Béchu in collaboration with fellow architect Tom Sheehan. “It is like a trap, the centre of which is concrete but has rigidity and stability too from the steel exoskeleton,” said Anthony comparing.

The first of the 50,000m2 of Cofraplus® 60 which has been manufactured in Contrisson and Strasbourg is currently being laid.

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