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Technical assessment certificate for Komet®, ArcelorMittal Construction’s specific solar system: ultra-simple, high-performance and modular


Press release - February 2015

Komet®, a steel roof system manufactured by ArcelorMittal Construction for photovoltaic modules, now holds a technical assessment certificate from the French construction industry body CSTB (Komet® 840 version).

Innovative and easy to install, the Komet® solar solution is designed to offer a high level of performance combined with a long-term warranty, and is the first simplified, integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic modules without the need for rails.

An innovative, certified solution

The patented Komet® system is a steel profile specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) roofing. With this high-performance solution, PV modules can be easily integrated directly onto the steel profile. A real innovation in the solar market!

Komet® is one of the only steel roofing systems ideally suited for PV applications. The thickness and the quality of selected coatings used guarantee water tightness and durability of the building.

Boasting the advantages of simplicity and modularity, and acknowledged for its quality and performance in use, Komet® 840 has just received a technical assessment certificate (no. 21/14-49) from the CSTB, the scientific and technical certification body in France.

Simplified integration with the roof: designed for the non-residential market, Komet® perfectly meets the requirements of new buildings and roofing renovation projects, be it in the field of industry, shopping centres or agriculture.


Easier to install and at lower cost

Due to the absence of intermediary mounting rail, the Komet® system is an easy-to-install and extremely competitive solution. Its limited number of components makes it very reliable and competitive, highly limiting risks at both supply and installation levels. Module mounting is technically independent from roof installation.

The fact that it is easy to install means that the services of a specialised installing company are not required: the installing  simply positions the Komet® steel profile and then the PV company installs the PV panels using the special parts provided in the Komet® kit.

Superior mechanical performance, with guaranteed water tightness

The Komet® system has excellent mechanical performance, particularly in terms of spans while avoiding risk of water leakage thanks to the use of casings covering relevant areas, without any intermediary system.

This solution offers a fully modular layout, with installation of either 54 or 60-cell PV modules in landscape orientation, and roof purlin spacing of up to 3.5 metres, depending on the specific case.

Furthermore, most ArcelorMittal Construction thermal/acoustic GlobalRoof solutions are Komet®-compatible and all specific roof areas (edges, ridges, openings, etc.) are addressed.

Lastly, Komet® can be combined with first-class electrical equipment to make a complete solar generator with optimised durability and performance.

The Komet® system was developed to take account of changes in French thermal regulations and reflects ArcelorMittal’s determination to meet the needs of the market and of its clients. The French thermal regulationRT 2012 requires that the primary energy consumption of new buildings should remain below the 50 kWh/m2/year threshold (compared with 150 kWh/m2/year in RT 2005).

The regulations are now being tightened up even more. The forthcoming RT 2015 will set the maximum at 30 kWh/m2/year and looking further ahead, to RT 2020, the positive-energy building (BEPOS) concept will encourage builders to erect buildings capable of producing more energy than they consume.


Tisséo bus depot in Toulouse opted for Komet®

The project, which was completed late 2014, involved the construction of buildings in Colomiers, in the south-west of France, mainly for the purposes of maintenance, repair and garaging of Tisséo buses (Tisséo is the commercial name of the public transport system in Toulouse and the surrounding area).

A solar photovoltaic electricity generating plant was installed on the roof of one of the buildings, with an installed power capacity of 80 kWp.

The Komet® system, which has been technically assessed by the CSTB, was selected for the job. This roofing system is installed in the same way as a conventional steel profile roof.  The casing formed by the ribbed steel profile acts as support rail for the PV modules, whilst also ensuring that the roof is watertight. Komet® has the advantage of being quick, easy and safe to install.

- Client: SMAT
- Consultancy firm: SNC Lavalin
- Architects: Claude Denu and Christian Paradon
- Installation company: SMAC Toulouse (roofing/cladding) and Eiffage Energie (photovoltaics)


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