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ArcelorMittal also intends to show that certain steel products can be applied in the residential sector, including renovation.


ArcelorMittal also intends to show that certain steel products can be applied in the residential sector, including renovation.

ArcelorMittal Construction puts many efforts in making Arval solutions for steel roofing and facade claddings adapted to multiple-units dwellings available to the contractors: Technical assistance, complete range of accessories for installation, standard products in supply from trading partners.

Sustainability and creativity

Today, housing is greatly influenced by the building’s thermal, acoustic, and environmental performance. Whether it’s a renovation or a new build, our Arval systems are particularly suited to these new requirements. Our solutions give designers limitless creativity with colours and textures impossible to reproduce with concrete or stone.

ArcelorMittal Construction offers tailor-made façade systems, easy to maintain, guaranteed for maximum 40 years and available in a large range of colours. Moreover, our solutions are made with a minimum of 20% recycled steel and can be entirely remelted and reutilised.

Steel replaced aluminium for façades thanks to its many advantages:

  • lightweight material
  • economic solution
  • allows fast and secure construction work
  • gives better acoustic and thermal performance
  • resistant colours due to the new anti-corrosion and anti-UV coatings

Case studies
Here are 2 examples of projects realised in France with Arval solutions:


Passage de Melun Paris 19ème - Social housing

Product: ST 500 in the colour Gold Perla

Production site:  Cerons (France)    
 The architects wanted a contemporary building to fit with the surrounding red brick buildings. The building is composed of 2 small towers separated by a tree-filled gap crossed by balconies. The colour Gold Perla gives an iridescent effect to the building.                                                 

Architecte: Gaëtan Le Penhuel A.
Photo credits: ®Sergio Grazia


Quadr’île Nantes - 113 new apartments

Product: Hairplan 300 and Hairplan Déco in the colours Bronze and Gold Perla

Production site:  Haironville (France)

  Convinced by our large choice of colours, the designers chose Hairplan 300 in Bronze for the external façades and Hairplan 300 Gold Perla for the courtyard.

These 2 colours bring light and create a variation of colours throughout the day. The underfloors, where the car parks are located, were realised with perforated cladding (Hairplan Déco Bronze).

The architect was highly satisfied by Hairplan. It offers a discrete design, the long sheets which don’t require cutting are ideal to create the layout of the windows.

Architecte: Barré-Lambot A.
Photo credits: ®Philippe Ruault


Architecte: Barré-Lambot A.
Photo credits: ®Arval by ArcelorMittal

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