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ArcelorMittal launches new features at batimat 2015


Presse release : To mark the occasion of Batimat 2015, ArcelorMittal, the European market leader for value-added steel products that provide effective thermal insulation, is presenting a number of innovations in this filed

- “Eclectic”: the new line of cladding for animated façades. The new "Eclectic" asymmetric cladding is made to accompany the new architectural trends in a market dominated by the thermal insulation from the outside

- The new sandwich panel range in polyisocyanurate foam PRT-HEXACORE® is ACERMI certified. Arval by ArcelorMittal now offers a new range of insulated sandwich panels. These panels are intended for use in roofing and facades, and walls. Several thicknesses, various finishes (grooved, smooth, ribbed, etc.) and a palette of over 100 colors (color chart Colorissime) are offered to meet all specifications

- Steel sub-frame window for Promisol® panel in partnership with Groupe DEYA
Promisol® S architectural panels with hidden fixings, Promisol® V allows great freedom of design, while meeting the new RT 2012 thermal regulations (official thermal regulation). The system of seals with double sockets (Promisol®® S and V) ensures perfect air-tightness in accordance with RT 2020 (next thermal regulation) dedicated to the positive energy building

- The development of Archisol is based on a desire to design freedom in architecture and high-performance insulation. Real wall "all in one" Archisol combines a sandwich panel facade finishing profile, and leverages the combination of these two complementary elements to simultaneously address the issues of thermal insulation, air tightness and aesthetic facades. Archisol is specifically designed or seismic areas

Archisol is easy to install and allow a thinner construction by saving 3% of available surface

- The sandwich panel Ondatherm® is in accordance with the highest thermal regulation requirements: extreme low or high temperatures, for instance

Producing energy thanks to innovative material is another major focus

- The Phoster (Photovoltaic Steel Roof) research project started in July 2013 , developed in cooperation with the Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques in Liège, Belgium, consists in the development of highly efficient eco-designed building integrated photovoltaic (BI-PV) roofing element using innovative and greener manufacturing processes. This innovation, which endows steel with new properties, will be introduced to assist the evolution of the market towards a model that directly integrates renewable energy sources into buildings. A real technological breakthrough is made possible thanks to ArcelorMittal’s expertise in metallurgy and steel structures, as well as its experience in vacuum coating technologies to endow steel with optoelectronic properties. The Phoster project, involving an integrated photovoltaic (BI-PV) roofing element, is part of this initiative

ArcelorMittal has also developed a whole new range of innovative steel for European solar construction market – steel that will serve as construction material while simultaneously producing energy. From December 2015 ArcelorMittal moves into the second phase of the project consisting in making the first prototype of a new universal solar steel roof

- SolarWall® : a path to achieving Europe’s 2020 energy targets. In 2014, ArcelorMittal entered into a partnership with the world leader in solar air heating, Conserval Engineering, to manufacture SolarWall®, a technology that uses solar radiation to heat buildings while reducing a building’s heating costs by up to 50%. This “superstar” technology, entirely made of steel, is installed as an additional skin on a building and produces up to 600 watts/ m2 of thermal energy per year, thus making a major contribution to meeting the EU’s 2020 energy targets. SolarWall® is already being used in thousands of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings around the world.

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