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The new AZ-700 series

The new AZ 36-700, AZ 38-700 and AZ 40-700 profiles have an extremely competitive section modulus/mass ratio. The shape of the AZ profiles allows economical design according to most recent design standards.

The AZ 40-700 profile fills the gap between the existing AZ 38 and AZ 46 and brings even greater regularity to the AZ series, allowing more economical design.


Advantages of the AZ-700 range:

  • a: largest Z pile in the world. Double piles are 1400 mm wide.
  • b: increased web height for greater stiffness and lower deflection.
  • c: Larssen type interlock, ideal for hard driving.
  • d: wider pile back for easier fixing of anchors.
  • e: extra thick flanges for greater strenght.

Click below for the technical data of the new AZ-700 sheet piles:
15 October 2004