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Bending moment capacity added to calculation sheets

10th August 2009

In the calculation sheet for pipes and combined walls and the calculation sheet for sheet piles, a cell has been added to show the bending moment capacity. To calculate the bending moment the steel grade can be selected from a drop down list.

The bending moment capacity M is the product of the section modulus Wx and the minimum yield strength fy:
M = Wx × fy.

For combined walls the bending moment capacity is calculated with the formula:
Wx = (Iprim + Isec) / (0,5 × Ø × b)
Iprimmoment of inertia of the tubular piles
Isecmoment of inertia of the intermediate sheet piles
Øoutside pipe diameter
bsystem width = Ø + width of intermediate sheet piles + 5 cm (width interlocks)