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Sheet piles innovation - silent, economical and sustainable


Noise and vibration are two main factors that a foundation works contractor wants to avoid at all costs, particularly in an urban environment.

Now, ArcelorMittal Projects is able to prove that silent and vibration free works is possible with our first success in the The Houthavens project in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), where our AZ18-800 with lengths up to 18m have been successfully pressed by hydraulic press machines. This project demonstrates that the concerns can be addressed, in addition to a reduction in costs, making it the most economical solution!

The market demand for high quality building materials and corresponding documentation grows each day. Besides operating in an efficient and environmental friendly way, sustainability is becoming an increasing considerable factor in the foundation market. Needless to say, ArcelorMittal is a front runner in this area and we are constantly investing and developing.

A significant movement from ArcelorMittal was to produce steel sheet piles from scrap in an electronic arc furnace. All our AZ and U profiles produced in the Belval mill in Luxemburg are 100% recycled from scrap. Since 2010, ArcelorMittal has a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on production of sheet piles and subsequently in 2016, a revised Environmental Production Declaration (EPD) for hot rolled steel sheet piling products was made available and published.

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