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    Product Focus

    HISTAR S355 & S460

    Histar is a high strength high ductility material which is highly weldable with a low cev

    Histar is produced using thermo-mechanical rolling methods and is finished using a technique called quenching and self tempering 

    SIZE RANGE 254X254 UC  610X229 -1000X305 UB

    Also available for Euro-norm and ASTM sizes 

      Histar Brochure

    American Sections to ASTM A6

    Size Range from W4 (100X100) – W44 (1100X400)

    • Jumbo Beam Range
    • Rolled Beams upto 1300 KG/M
    • A solution to many fabricated requirements
    • Offered on a Bespoke Rolling Option 

    Offshore Grades - S355 G10+N

    Following the successful introduction of the S355G8+N material into our stock range in 2012, we have taken the steps to introduce S355G10+N to our stock offer from June 2013. The Offshore Fabrication Market is growing at a tremendous rate and the introduction of this grade will further enhance our reputation and enable us to offer to a wider range of customers who purchase S355G8+N, S355G10+N and S355EMZ.