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  • Nature


The new alternative to PVC coating


In a world of ever-increasing environmental awareness, Nature coating offers so much more than standard paint and PVC finishes:

  • Long term corrosion protection to metal items
  • No cracking, peeling or chipping
  • Superior resistance to salt, sea, sand and sun
  • Good grip and warm feel
  • Very low smoke on burning
  • No VOCs1, plasticizers, TG IC2 or halogens
  • Nature will withstand flexing caused by wind and temperature changes down to -20°C
  • No heavy metals

More information about Nature

Nature is already used for:

  • Street furniture and lamp posts
  • Offshore, sub-sea and marine
  • Pipes, tanks and fittings
  • Construction

In harmony with the environment, Nature coating provides long lasting protection for all types of fencing in adverse conditions