• Fencing & Agribusiness

    Fencing & Agribusiness

    For decades WireSolutions has been known as an innovative provider of longlasting fencing and agricultural solutions. more
  • Industrial wire

    Industrial wire

    For decades, WireSolutions has offered innovative solutions for a huge range of industrial wire applications. more
  • Nails


    Our range TE. Pointes® covers all the professional requirements of wood trade, construction and agriculture as well as occasional users’ requirements. more
  • Prestressed concrete

    Prestressed concrete

    More than 50 years experience gained with prestressing wire and strands makes WireSolutions one of the world leaders in the industry. more
  • Steel fibres

    Steel fibres

    With more than 30 years of experience, WireSolutions is one of the most important players in the development of steel fibre reinforced concrete technology and its applications worldwide. more
  • Vineyard wire

    Vineyard wire

    WireSolutions is the only vineyard wire producer worldwide with 85 years experience. more
  • Wire ropes & Cold rolled wire

    Wire ropes & Cold rolled wire

    Over the past hundred years, WireSolutions has been building up an international reputation in the manufacturing of high technology steel wire ropes. more

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