• Special high performance ropes

    Special high performance ropes

  • Hoisting ropes

    Hoisting ropes

    Designed to suit market requirements. more
  • Mining ropes

    Mining ropes

    Extreme high safety, performance and fatigue life. more
  • Cold rolled wires

    Cold rolled wires

    A wide range of profiles with different steel grades (carbon steel, high strength steel). more
  • Mooring wire systems

    Mooring wire systems

    Designed to suit engineering and oil companies requirements and used for floating production systems, moored on oil fields for long term life periods, at various water depths, up to 1,500 m. more
  • Structural wire ropes

    Structural wire ropes

    Designed to suit engineering companies requirements, and used for long term life periods, on various structures like bridges, stadium roofs, etc. more
  • Wire ropes transport

    Wire ropes transport

    Over 1,500 ropes in use in all parts of the world. more
  • Our traceability is a guarantee of quality

    Our traceability is a guarantee of quality

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