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True “market solutions”

Our expertise in complex sectors such as construction, public works or the oil industry is based upon 5 specialist units offering true “market solutions”:

  • Distribution: a focused local network on the distribution and further processing of flat and long products that is also capable of supplying customers with stainless steel and aluminium.

  • Construction: unit dedicated to process design for construction and architecture (cladding, roofing, flooring, secondary structure, photovoltaic solutions) that meets the needs of logistics platforms, industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural buildings.

  • Projects: unit that provides an extensive expertise for complex steel foundation projects (tubes and sheet piling) and works for oil and gas companies, as well as the construction, building and civil engineering sectors.

  • Total Offer Processing: specialised in steel sheet and plate processing, production and logistics, this unit operates in the public works, agricultural, transportation, aerospace, electronics and medical markets.

  • WireSolutions: one of the world’s leading wiredrawers, offers a range of high- and low-carbon wires, tyre reinforcement wires, strands, cables as well as corrosion-resistant product solutions for agriculture, construction, energy and general industry.

Global view

- 200,000 active customers
- 400
facilities in more than 30 countries
- 12 Mt
of steel processed or distributed worldwide
- All markets, all steel products, all customer types

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