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Steel, a very high-tech material

It possesses wide physical and chemical properties that offer unsuspected applications.

Distribution Solutions benefits from the Group’s innovation resources offering high-performance products that anticipate customers’ expectations. Thanks to our 1400 researchers in 15 research centres in Europe, the United States, Canada and Brazil, in addition of our sales teams’ expertise, we supply steels with unrivalled physical properties and
technological characteristics: self-cleaning steel, for example, or new alloys for the automotive sector, combining elasticity and impact resistance.

Furthermore, Distribution Solutions sets up dedicated organisation to co-develop with its customers promising applications meeting tomorrow’s technical, architectural and industrial challenges.

We improve quality, develop new products and new applications. Innovation is a critical issue for Distribution Solutions, which makes us a global steel expert.

Global view

- 200,000 active customers
- 400
facilities in more than 30 countries
- 12 Mt
of steel processed or distributed worldwide
- All markets, all steel products, all customer types

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