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Health and Safety at ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions

Our Journey to Zero accidents

Health and Safety in the workplace remains a top priority for ArcelorMittal and here at Downstream Solutions, as we continue our Journey to Zero, we are striving to imbue H&S into the core of our people so that it comes not just mechanically, but instinctively.

To achieve our goal of Zero, we have 3 key criteria: 1. Management 2. Awareness 3. Technology

  1. Health and Safety must be embedded at the core of everything that we do which includes everyone at every level without exception and as such the management team are actively involved in setting an example and      developing engagement.

  2. Our Annual Health & Safety days are important in developing awareness of the importance of reducing risk and doing the right thing, but it is a starting point. In 2016 2.6 million hours were dedicated to H&S training which includes not only employees but consultants as we feel anyone engaged with us must be held to the same high standards that we set.

  3. With increased access to technology we are able to reduce risk and tap all the knowledge and expertise available to us at ArcelorMittal. Some prime examples are the use of Drones for inspections of areas that are high or hard to get to or our Xpert Eye glasses allowing specialists to give advice and support to our technicians.

With the involvement and vigilance of all, we continue to work toward a healthier and safer work environment.

Vijay Goyal, CEO ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions