Strips and sheets

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Mosacier can offer a wide range of products:


Our service centre is equipped with different slitters.  These equipments give
us the opportunity to offer strips from 8 mm wide in 0,25 mm thick. 

The strips can be packed in different ways: eye to sky or eye to side, on pallet, on two woods or without pallet, with or without waterproof paper, etc.


Sheets and blanks

With its different production lines, Mosacier can offer a wide range of sheets and blanks from 0,25 to 4,00 mm thick, from stock or cut at your size.

Our sheets and blanks can be packed on pallets or on two woods, with waterproof paper and metal protections for corners and edges.




Our products can be de-oiled on the de-oiling line developped by Mosacier itself.
We are able to de-oil coils from 700 to 1600 mm wide in 0,35 to 2,00 mm thick.