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Organic coated steel is used in all sectors of industry. In building and construction, it is used for profiles for cladding, roofing, tiles etc. In general industry, organic coated steel products have a variety of applications, e.g. false ceilings, lights, metal furniture, air conditioning, presentation racks and radiators. They are also used extensively in the domestic appliance sector for white goods (refrigerators, washing machines etc) and small kitchen appliances (microwave ovens etc). Brown goods (casings for hi-fi, VCR, DVD, electronic and computer equipment) are another successful field of application for organic coated steel products.

The performance of ArcelorMittal organic coated steels complies with the requirements of standard EN 10169.


>> Economic advantages

Organic coating lines offer much higher productivity than post-painting, thereby reducing the cost of applying an organic coating. Line speeds are frequently around 100 m/min. Switching from post-painting to coil coating eliminates the need for a paint shop, degreasing and surface treatment installations and the treatment of the resulting effluents. Coil coating also makes it possible to avoid both post-painting and the use of the corresponding tools. It results in a simplification of the manufacturing process, which yields dramatic reductions in:

  • Manufacturing costs
  • Energy consumption
  • Manufacturing lead time
  • The cost of stocks and stock management (raw materials, chemicals and temporary stocks)

Furthermore, the use of organic coated steel significantly reduces company taxes and insurance premiums. No taxes are payable relating to waste treatment.

>> Ecological advantages

Organic coated steel is one of the best products to meet present and future environmental regulations. ArcelorMittal has decided to be a pro-active player with regard to these changing regulations by integrating respect for the environment into all stages of the life cycle of organic coated steel products:

  • In the design of new products and production processes: research teams take the potential environmental impact into account right from the earliest stages of each project
  • In the production of organic coated steels: industrial lines have been designed to meet the most stringent environmental regulations concerning surface treatments, solvent emissions and the absence of recognised harmful substances in the paint
  • In the transformation of organic coated steels, with the improvement of working conditions by eliminating solvents and the storage and handling of chemical products
  • The use of organic coated steels in the various sectors (construction, domestic appliances and general industry) does not entail any danger to the consumer or the environment
  • Recycling at the end of the life cycle: organic coated steel can be recycled just like any other steel product

>> Technological advantages

The main advantage of organic coated steel is its consistent quality. The thickness of the paint film and the colour matching are all reproducible within narrow tolerances from batch to batch. The flexibility of the coil coating process means that we can offer a wide range of surfaces, including smooth, orange peel effect, grained, textured or embossed, obtainable in several finishes (saturated, metallic, pearly etc) and gloss (from matt to high gloss). ArcelorMittal offers several finishes in each major product group.