Prepainted steel Products

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For these applications, the substrate is usually galvanised steel, Galfan,  Aluzinc®  or Magnelis (for some products). The choice of the paint system depends on the environmental conditions to which the product will be exposed and the technical properties required. ArcelorMittal’s organic coated steel products for outdoor building applications are available in a rich diversity of colours (several colour options are available) and surface appearances (smooth, grained, textured, embossed etc). Nevertheless, each product has its own specific properties and applications. The appropriate choice is therefore crucial and should be made in close collaboration with ArcelorMittal's technical and sales teams.

Product Thickness (µm) Surface appearance Applications
Granite® Access 15 Smooth Outdoor applications, with no guarantee
Granite® Standard 25 Roofing, cladding, accessories
Granite® HD Smooth, grained Roofing, cladding, accessories, sandwich panels etc
Granite® HDS 35
Granite® HDX 55 Grained Roofing, cladding, architectural buildings, air conditioning units
Granite® Flex 25 Smooth, grained Tiles, HVAC equipment
Granite® Deep Mat 35 Wrinkled Tiles, cladding
Granite® Cloudy Bicoloured Tiles
Granite® Tex Textured Switch boxes, air conditioning units, street furniture
Granite® Farm Front: 25; back: 35 Smooth Roofing, cladding for agricultural buildings
Granite® PVDF 35 Roofing, cladding for architectural buildings or buildings in aggressive environments

ArcelorMittal's organic coated steel products designed for indoor applications and general industry cover many end uses. The substrate may be cold rolled steel or galvanised steel (Galfan or Magnelis aluminised).

Product Thickness (µm) Surface appearance Applications
Estetic® Access 15 Smooth Inner surface of sandwich panels, metal furniture, indoor use
Estetic® Standard 25 Indoor use
Estetic® Flex Smooth, grained Water heater casings and other casings, deep drawn components etc
Estetic® Tex 35 Textured Metal furniture, shelves, radiators, air conditioning units
Estetic® Mat 25 Smooth and wrinkled Cappings, ceilings, indoor panels
Estetic® Lighting 82 Smooth Lighting
Estetic® Clean 55 Panels for cold rooms (ceilings, dividers, doors)
Ambient® 40/150 brushed and protected Home and small kitchen appliances, lifts

ArcelorMittal’s range of organic coated steel products for domestic appliances is highly specific for this market.

Different grades of steel are available, e.g. for cold forming and deep drawing applications. As indicated in the table below, the choice of organic coated steel depends on the end use.

Please contact us for advice on choosing the most appropriate product for your application.

Product Thickness (µm) Surface appearance Applications
Estetic® Cold 25 Smooth, orange peel effect Cold (refrigerators, chest freezers), microwave ovens
Estetic® Hot Smooth Hot (ovens, cookers, hoods)
Estetic® Wet Smooth, orange peel effect Wet (washing machines, dishwashers), tumble dryers
Estetic® Bright 40 Applications requiring high aesthetic and gloss levels and involving food contact
Estetic® High Tech 25 Smooth, grained Consumer electronics, decoders, hi-fi casings, computers