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Metallurgical solutions

ArcelorMittal offers a comprehensive range of products for the automotive, electrotechnical and general industries.The SSC Service Centre is able to process all types of the mentioned steels. From January 2013 it is also possible to cut aluminium coils, using the most modern production line, into trapezoids or rectangular shapes.

Thanks to high-quality materials, particularly from ArcelorMittal, we are able to offer revolutionary and innovative solutions to our customers.

Customer-friendly attitude

We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers, including customised logistics schedules that are followed up on a regular basis, crisis management, IT and technological support.


Highly-developed process management systems and the optimum setting of logistic flows, enable us to adapt flexibly to individual customer needs, the latest project changes and emergency situations.


Specialised local customer teams, from the area of business, Front Office and Back Office, guarantee our services and increase customer comfort.