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Health and Safety

Safety first

Aiming at sustainable development, ArcelorMittal Distribution puts Health & Safety on top of its priority list, meaning that nothing can override safety & health as employees, subcontractors and visitors are concerned.

In the last few years the safety situation has been continuously improved, bringing the Frequency Rate down from more than 30 to less then 3,5 and the Severity Rate from well over 1 to less than 0,35. This was achieved by removing potential causes of accident that had been identified further to an analysis of all accidents and changes of management giving much more attention to safety.

As the number of accident was not sufficient for analysis, it became clear that to achieve zero accident and to improve constantly, the attitude of all employees working in AMD had to change and therefore “Colleague Care” has been implemented, asking all employees and subcontractors not only to take care of their own safety, but also that of all their colleagues. In this way we can ensure that maximum of attention is given to risk situations and the prevention of accidents.

Let us share these values of Health & Safety and help us to make ArcelorMittal Distribution an accident-free workplace.