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About AMDS Hungary

The Arcelor Group was formed in 2002, from the fusion of three firms, the Luxembourger Arbed, the French Usinor and the Spanish Aceralia. All of the three companies had a lots of decade past, and during time they transcended the border of their regional market, therefore they united their means to step on global stage. The announcement meant a milestone in the consolidation of steel industry of Europe. The passing of time proved the justness of the conception.

In Hungary Trade Arbed Hungary Ltd. operated from 1988. At the establish of Arcelor Group the hungarian company adopted the name and became Arcelor Steelcommercial Ltd. The company belonged to the East-European region of distribution part of the Steelcommercial Services Division within the Arcelor Group.

Our name started to become better-known in the steelcommercial groves in Hungary, when a newer great change came: in 2006 Mittal Steel which was controlled by the indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and the european top Arcelor announced their intent of union. The london-based Mittal Steel which is stock exhange listed in the dutch stock exchange, then brought up its rival for 27,7 billion euros.

The ArcelorMittal became the first steelcompany of the world with 330,000 employees, in more than 60 countries. The associaton led the consolidation of the international steelindustry, and thanks to this nowadays their market sharings beyond triply the second best Nippon Steel and means the only truly global steel producer, which is present in 27 countries.

In 2007 the revenues of the group passed 105 billion dollars. The company’s 116 billion issue takes the 10 per cent of the production of iron of the world. In 2008 the revenue ascended by 19 per cent to 124,9 billion dollars.

The ArcelorMittal leads in several global market, including vehicle-, building-,household sets- and the packing market. The Group leads the research and development sphere, possess a heavy raw material stock, together with runs a distributor network.

Its industrial attendance discloses several main –developing and developed- steel market in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The ArcelorMittal pushes establishing positions in the fast developing Chinese and Indian markets.

The newer union mentioned above in Hungary came true in our case in 2008.

„ The world leader steel giant opened a centre in Csepel.”

Sound off the headline 3th April 2008 of gazette called Global Economy.

The first stage of the important investments planned for near future of the ArcelorMittal group is that they yielded a 1,5 billion forints cost logistic centre in the Free Port in Csepel., which is the seat of ArcelorMittal Distribution Hungary Ltd.

The Budapest Free Port Logistics stock company (BSZL) came true on 1st  September 2008 from the MAHART-Free Port stock company as its successor. The BFPL disposes with the operational rights of the Free Port and the enjoyment of the properties found in its area, which is financed by the longtermed cooperation of Port and the ArcelorMittal.

East-Europe is registered as a seed target region int he arm. Within this the potency of Hungary is especially huge: thanks to its geographical berth, excellent infrastructure, developed sea-,road- and rail transport network, especially in view of the simple availability of the South-Slav and West-Romanian regions.