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The course of the recruitment process

If you are interested in employment in ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Poland, we encourage you to get acquainted with job offers presented in the Career in ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions tab. If you do not find a post interesting to you and you are convinced that your professional profile meets our expectations, contact directly our HR Department at the following telephone number +48 32 358 94 21 or use the Other posts form. 

Having sent your CV you may expect the following stages:

Stage I: Initial selection

Initial selection of Candidates is conducted by a HR Specialist together with the manager of the department for which we run the recruitment process.

Stage II: Invitation for a job interview

Candidates who were chosen in the initial selection of CVs are invited for a job interview. The job interview may be conducted in the form of a direct meeting or with the use of available, modern tools of communication. 

Stage III: Meeting with Candidates

First meeting

During the first meeting we will turn our attention to your qualifications, skills and acquired knowledge. At this stage, we may ask you to perform competence tests. Candidates who have best met our expectations and their professional profile is most approximated to the one we look for will be invited to the final stage. 

Second meeting

During the second meeting you will have an opportunity to have a direct contact with the manager of the department, ask about the details of the offer and discuss important to you aspects regarding the employment in our company. After the meeting, we will decide about the selection of the best Candidate whom we will offer the job. Other participants of the recruitment process will receive relevant information. 

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