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Student training program

We invite students interested in gaining valuable professional experience to take part in the student training program.


The Student Training Program covers the following branches:

• Katowice    Bytom   • Kraków   • Suwałki-Kuków    Konin   • Opole


We are looking for young, ambitious people who want to start their career in the following areas:

 Health & Safety Department;

 Human Resources Department; 

 Supply Chain and Logistics Department;

 Production and Non-production Procurement Department;

 Production Department and departments related to production;

 Quality Department;

 Sales department.



 You will work under the supervision of experts in a particular field;

 You will gain practical knowledge, experience and skills;

 You will have the opportunity to be independent and responsible;

 You will improve your qualifications;

 You will spend time in a friendly atmosphere;

 You can use your knowledge of Excel and English.


We encourage all those interested in training program to check out our current offers:

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