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Rules for packing steel strips

Rules for selection of pallets/racks

Racks - H

a) For strip width 600 mm the type of rack is 1000 x 1000,
b) For strip width exceeding 601 mm the type of rack is 1250 x 1250th

Pallets - V

a) outside diameter and 1000 mm tape - the type of pallet 1000 x 1000,
b) outside diameter tape from 1001 mm to 1200 mm - the type of pallet 1000 x 1200,
c) the outer diameter of 1201 mm tape - the type of pallet 1000 x 1400

Rules for fixing steel strip on pallets/racks

a) Steel tape wrapped around the vertical axis (V) - 2 tapes per pallet
b) Steel tapes packed in the horizontal axis (H) - 2 tapes per rack

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