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Shot blasting & corrosion protection

The automatic production lines include process of shot blasting and temporary corrosion protection of flat and long products. Thanks to the combination of hydrodynamic pumps and microprocessor technology we achieved a fully maintenance-free spray booth to ensure a high quality of services. Material is preheated then painted directly after shot blasting, it guarantees the applied primers are ideal base for further painting systems.

Standard service parameters:

  • blasting of A Sa 2.5 purity class according to PN-ISO 8501-1
  • roughness according to PN-EN ISO 8503
  • alkyl, zinc-silicate weldable primers with a thickness of ~20 μm (measured dry according to PN EN ISO 2808)
  • the RAL 8012 red colour is used by default

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It is possible to adapt the service parameters to the individual needs of a client (e.g. coating thickness, paint type, colour) for example a ball-shaped steel shot S 460 is used by default, but we can replace it by S 390 - S 550.

Blasting-painting chamber parameters:

Location Height Width Length
Konin 0.6 m 2.6 m 1.5 m < 18 m

In order to provide you comprehensive services, in addition to the attractive commercial conditions, we guarantee a complete support for pre-production preparation of construction section steel and flat products. To meet the expectations of our clients, we offer services performed on our own materials and the ones from our customers while ensuring high quality and short execution time.

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