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Cutting of long products

The offered long product cutting services are done using the latest semi-automatic Kaltenbach or Bomar band saws. We cut with an accuracy of ± 2 [mm] to meet customer expectations. We cut beams with the maximum cross section dimensions up to 750x500 [mm] (Dąbrowa Górnicza 2, Katowice, Konin warehouses) or up to 1000x500 [mm] (Dąbrowa Górnicza warehouse) to the desired length.

See our machinery for cutting long products

Band cutting parameters

Cutting the beams with section dimensions larger than the maximum opening can be performed at an angle of 0° using a semi-automatic acetylene-oxygen cutter with the tolerance of 0/+5 [mm]. Cutting is also possible at a variable angle from 0°(perpendicularly) to +60°. Changing the cutting angle reduces the effective cutting width of the saw (see the following tables).

Cutting angle Max opening
  Cutting angle Max opening


750x500   0° (perpendicularly) 1000x500
+30° 650x500   +30° 820x500
+45° 520x500   +45° 640x500
+60° 390x500   +60° 400x500

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