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The most important demands such as aesthetics, insulation, noise and fire protection are fulfilled by the sophisticated Arval systems. Through our experience and our knowledge, the complex structural task can be solved in an outstanding manner.

With the modular design of profiled or wavy surfaces, the facade systems by Arval are the guarantee for contemporary and timeless construction.

Discover systems and solutions for façades:

GlobalWall DS   GlobalWall HD   DSS Toptherm
Eccorisol Toptherm   K-Energy Toptherm   GlobalWall CIN 338B
GlobalWall PN   GlobalWall NC   Pflaum Module 4
Promplan   Habilis   Planea
Design   Sunstyl    

Freedom of architectural creation
Create with complete freedom and explore the variety of metal forms. Push the limits of your imagination with customised architectural solutions. The outer appearance can be tailored to order and adapted to the form and nature conceived by the architect.

These GlobalWall Systems can be combined with a variety of colors or materials as stainless steel and Krystal.

Freedom of technical Solutions
Technical GlobalWall façades are suited to the architectural choices made by the client and fully meet the demands of public and private buildings that require comfort and safety, e.g. theatres and swimming pools, logistics and agri-food buildings.

Arval technical façades provide excellent performance in many areas such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and absorption and fire resistance.