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The Arval technical roofing’s are particularly suitable for specific environments like swimmingpools, ice rinks, sport grounds and concert halls.

The Arval roofing systems are efficient as far as thermal comfort, fire behaviour, hygrometry and sound insulation.

Go to systems and solutions for roofing:

 GlobalRoof DSP   DSPD Toptherm    CIN 325 P/C
 Ondatherm T   Ondatherm 900S   Ondafibre 
GlobalRoof DP   Hairaquatic CN 118   GlobalRoof HO

Freedom of architectural creation
The design of GlobalRoof enables specific shapes to be created, thereby adding rhythm and movement to the roof. These systems are elegant, light, and radiant, and result from the most contemporary and innovative architectural research.

These systems can be combined with a variety of aesthetic possibilities  including shapes, colors, and appearances from the rhythmic, classical, and horizons ranges.

Freedom of technical Solutions
Arval GlobalRoof systems are able to meet the most stringent requirements of clients and are especially adapted to the technical constraints of public and private buildings that need comfort and safety, such as theatres, swimming pools, as well as logistics or agri-food buildings.

Arval technical roofs excel in many areas such as thermal and sound insulation and absorption, fire performance, and in medium and high humidity environments.