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Light gauge framing

Profil du Futur, France’s top producer of load-bearing structures, has the benefit of belonging to Arcelor Construction, a subsidiary of Arcelor world number 1 in steel, for designing and producing high performance building systems.
Backed by 30 years’ experience, in more than 8 countries, Profil du Futur offers solutions in steel, tailored to the needs of every user and to the specific features of each building, whether of industrial or residential type.

Ongoing innovation, a customer-oriented organisation, the efficiency of its service and the quality of its goods make Profil du Futur an essential partner for all load-bearing steel structures.

Light gauge framing







Multibeam PSB

Find our residential products on our housing website in the styltech part
1. Research and development
The Multibeam profile, widely sold by Profil du Futur on the French market, benefits from 30 years’ application in Europe and around the world, during which our engineers have developed it by at all times having the concern for ever more competitive application and installation.

The use of Sendzimir galvanised steel (275 gr/m² double sided and up to 600 gr/m² double sided) with a guaranteed elastic limit of 350 N/mm² and 390 N/mm² contributes to the performance and quality of the Multibeam profile. 

Multibeam systems have been tested in a programme faithfully reproducing the conditions in use with different types of roofing. The results of the tests were used as the basis for producing a technical specification, checked by the main control organisations SOCOTEC - APAVE - CEP VERITAS. 

This experience has also allowed us to change to new hip systems enabling the cost function (design + material + manufacture + assembly) to be optimised even further by reducing the number of accessories necessary by creating new sections: PSB

2. Commercial: Local representatives and technical sales staff 
They represent and commit Profil du Futur. 
In our offices, our technical sales staff, from your data – the characteristics of the building, weather loadings, service loadings – take responsibility for deciding profiles, measurements and commit, in writing, to prices and delivery times.

3. Order management: Account managers and Design Department 
Our account managers are responsible for processing your orders, from acknowledgement of the order to delivery to the site. They produce appropriate detailed drawings, mark out general layouts and check for quality control organisations. They are in constant contact with our shipper to guarantee you delivery when you want it. 

Our design department, by using software appropriate to our ranges and based on AutoCAD and X-Steel, is responsible for producing detailed drawings, manufacturing, marking and assembly on receipt of your structural drawings.

4. Production 
At our factory in Horbourg-Wihr, near Colmar, France, we have a range of special facilities for efficient, economical production of the entire Profil du Futur range and all its accessories.

Our raw materials, supplied in accordance with a very strict specification, are always quality tested and inspected.
Our finished products regularly checked by an external, independent organisation.

5. Delivery 
The substantial size of our turnover enables us to guarantee delivery on the site at the agreed time, whatsoever the size of the job.
Our shipper has opened a transport office in our plant so we are even closer to our customers
With nearly 10,000 constructions a year, the hip jack, sill and joist systems make PROFIL DU FUTUR Europe’s leader in steel roofing, cladding and floor supports.

With its 3 product ranges, PROFIL DU FUTUR is the only company to offer such a choice. By incorporating any special feature, we offer, for a given job, the most efficient building solution based on its Multibeam or PSB products.

The hip jack, sill and joist systems benefit from the PROFIL DU FUTUR “complete service”, which is:

  • An direct sales organisation, through its “field” network and in-house technical sales staff, a design department including engineers, technicians, designers and draftsmen,  a “customer service” in which business managers plan production and shipping on the basis of your delivery requirements.
  • The hip jack, sill and joist systems delivered to the site, benefit from justified calculations, based on firstly on experiment and secondly on the Eurocodes, and include technical advice and technical specifications checked by inspection organisations in France and many other countries.
  • Internal quality control is under the supervision of the official German organisation, Versuchsanstalt für stahl, holz und steine.


Documentation (PDF format)

Technical advice

Technical advice (PDF format)


Technical guide


Avis de résistance au feu

Styltech technical advice

Details of the assembly
(DWG format)
Geometric details
(DWG format)

Principe of assembly 

Assembly n°1: Wall without opening

Assembly n°1; Wall with opening 

Elevation of main walls

Order of assembly: Roofing assembly

Plan view: Floor + Roofing

Perspective: Complete building assembled


Post - beam n°1

Post - beam n°2

Post - beam n°3

Post - beam n°4


View of a complete assembled building


Ridge tie - Multibeam

Multilok tie - Multibeam

Tubular tie - Multibeam

Adjustable tie bar - Multibeam

Fishplate for type A and B - Multibeam

Fishplate for type C - Multibeam

Weld-on cleat - Multibeam

Bolt-on cleat - Multibeam

Fascia board - Multibeam

Cross-member stability stay - Multibeam


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Location : Monteux (84)
Purpose : Public buildings

Location : Saint Clément (34)
Purpose : Public buildings

Location : Millau (12)
Purpose : Public buildings


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