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Thermal and acoustic performances

Thermal performances

People have become more concerned with the problems of climate change. It was realised that this was a world wide problem and so countries were encouraged to set targets for new building regulations to cover improved insulation values.

What are the main changes?

• Lower “U” values for roofs and walls
• Greater consideration of thermal bridging at junctions


Acoustic performances

Noise in the environment or community seriously affects people, interfering with the daily activities at works, during leisure time, at school, in hospital …

Sound insulation is required in order to eliminate the sound path from a source to a receiver such as between classrooms in a school  for example, or to reduce unwanted external noise inside a concert hall.

Sound absorption is required to reduce reverberation and reflection of noise and so increase the acoustic comfort needed in a Hospital or in public buildings.  

In the Technical guide is given on how to achieve these requirements with the Arval systems.

Download our thermal and acoustic Guide