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Green building

As society makes determined moves towards sustainability, construction has a very important role to play within this agenda, not only because of its economic and social contribution, but also because of its impact on the quality of our lives. While the building industry provides 5% to 10% of worldwide employment and generates 5% to 15% of the GDP, the built environment accounts for 40% of energy consumption, 40% of CO2 emissions, 30% of the consumption of natural resources, 30% of waste generation and 20% of water consumption.

Our systems are environmentally safe because all the components are recyclable and, let us not forget that steel is indefinitely recyclable and recycled. Our experience has enabled us to acquire a few hundred references in different countries for buildings of all kinds, new or refurbished. Arval technical assistance will give you all the help you need to choose the best system for your building project and, if you do have specific requirements, they will even design a special system for you. Arval is here to bring you particularized solutions which will build up a sustainable future.

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