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Freedom of architectural creation
Create with complete freedom and explore the variety of metal forms. Push the limits of your imagination with customised architectural solutions. The outer appearance can be tailored to order and adapted to the form and nature conceived by the architect.

These GlobalWall Systems can be combined with a variety of colors or materials as stainless steel and Krystal...

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Freedom of architectural creation
The design of GlobalRoof enables specific shapes to be created, thereby adding rhythm and movement to the roof. These systems are elegant, light, and radiant, and result from the most contemporary and innovative architectural research.

These systems can be combined with a variety of aesthetic possibilities  including shapes, colors, and appearances from the rhythmic, classical, and horizons ranges...

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Composite decking
Arval GlobalFloor combines steel and concrete, by using special developed rib and stud forms. The classic advantages of composite building, such as higher industrial prefabrication, high flexibility of use, short building times and high load carrying capacity are also the primary advantages of the COFRASTRA composite flooring systems. Their acoustic and thermal functions are optimized through an innovative shape that allows combining various materials: steel, concrete, insulation, plaster, and wood...

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Purlins and Multibeam
In the field of light construction into industrial out of steel, the system of empannage Multibeam represents an economic alternative to usual the shaped hot rolled-iron products. This system proved reliable since tens of years in the construction industry. Thanks to the optimized shape of the sections, one thus obtains ideal a weight ratio/bearing pressure. Many applications are possible in the construction of boarding and roof.

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Further in the creativity
Welcome in a world sublimated by steel. Exceed the standards, release your imagination, Arval de ArcelorMittal puts in scene your most creative challenges. Discover an unequalled offer where symphony of colors and matters inspires the most beautiful architectural partitions. Create patinated or brilliant effects, chechmates or gleaming and multiply the sources inspiration with a broad collection aspects: prelacquered coloured, matt surface, Inoxtouch, Krystal… Arval build tomorrow while innovating with you...

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