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Shopping centres

The leisure centre application of commercial buildings is gradually taking precedence over that of a shopping centre.

This explains why requirements for these types of buildings are changing in order to enhance the comfort of the building.
These premises need to be comfortable and have a good sustainable aesthetic appearance.

Arval has a vast range of products that are used to achieve performances laid down by regulations and the customer.

  • Thermal features:
    The building must have good thermal protection so as to maintain the right temperature inside the building, regardless of the temperature outside. Thus, people can remain seated in restaurants for long periods or walk around and shop.
  • Acoustics:
    Acoustic comfort needs to be carefully looked into, also, because there are a wide variety of activities in each part of the centre, such as cinemas, restaurants, shops, etc. We can offer the right system for each part of the centre.
  • Fire: 
    The consequences of a fire are smoke, toxic gases and so on and they are taken into consideration when we design our products for the construction market. Arval has several products, which are appropriate for buildings requiring fire performances. Smoke exhaust systems, good fire reaction and fire resistance products, fire compartment (curtains, etc.). 
    We can help you choose the products best suited to any requirement.

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