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In the design of these types of buildings, it is very important to look into what requirements are essential in order to achieve optimal performances when using the building.


  • Thermal features:
    The building needs to have good thermal insulation because it can be used for different activities and it is, therefore, important for the right temperature to be maintained inside the building. Low inertia can be an advantage because the building is only in use for a few hours.
  • Acoustics:
    The building must be designed to house thousands of noisy people. It is very important to have good sound absorption in order to achieve a good level of comfort, even if people shout. Most of these buildings are multipurpose and may be used as concert halls, sports facilities and, also, meeting rooms. Reverberation time needs to be adjusted in order to achieve a good level of comfort. Good sound insulation is required to avoid any propagated sound impact on neighbours.
  • Fire: 
    Safety becomes once again a key design feature in the event of an emergency. Arval can help you accomplish your project using optimum systems as well as maintaining the highest aesthetic performances and safety levels. Since beauty and safety can go hand in hand : Any architect or engineer can create designs, which have their own particular signature, whilst maintaining the highest safety performances.


We can offer several systems, which will give you performances compliant with the regulations or able to meet specific requirements for your building, whilst providing you with the possibility of designing an aesthetically pleasing building.


When several people are in a gymnasium, the noise inside is loud. Arval can propose systems capable of adjusting reverberation time and improving acoustic comfort.


Arval is able to propose the right system for every kind of Gymnasium so that the sound reflected inside the building is adjusted, even if the number of people inside has increased. At the same time, we are able to achieve thermal performances, which ensure a good level of indoor comfort without heavy energy consumption.

Swimming pools . water parks

Indoor swimming pools and water parks are among the most popular buildings for children and people.


The swimming pool environment is rather particular and very aggressive. Arval is able to come to terms with the combination of humidity, chlorine, and warm temperatures. Arval has developed systems that have worked well for over 10 years.


  • Humidity:
    The percentage of humidity in the building can reach 100%. This means that if we do not avoid water absorption, the insulation will deteriorate. Using the right insulation integrated in the global system is the key to using the building correctly. Moreover, the risk of damp occurring is increased by chlorine particles dissolved in the environment.
  • Thermal features:
    Swimming pools are warm during the summer and during the winter too. This means that the risk of condensation must be avoided at all times; even if there is 100% of humidity indoors.
  • Acoustics:
    Swimming pool areas or water parks are typically quite extensive, thus sound reverberation demands that particular design attention be paid to absorbing sound reflecting off hard surfaces. Pools are very reflective to sound due to their tiled walls and floor surfaces. One of the largest sound reflective areas in the swimming pool is the water itself which reflects 99% of the sound which hits it. There are many young people in this type of building and acoustic correction is essential if we wish to understand each other and maintain a harmonious atmosphere.



Hairaquatic is a unique system that is able to solve all these problems at the same time.

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