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Paper industry

The internal environment of these types of buildings is very aggressive because of high humidity, chemical particles suspended in the air, internal noise and the temperature inside.

Arval has been working for years on developing systems, which are able to find the right balance between all these performances.

  • Humidity:
    The percentage of humidity in the building can reach 95%. Therefore, it is necessary to attend to the vapour permeability and vapour absorption of the insulator. You must use insulation with no vapour absorption otherwise it will be degraded by changes in outside temperatures.

  • Thermal features:
    Since the inside temperature is above 28ºC in some parts of the building, you need to calculate the thermal insulation required in order to avoid condensation in wintertime. High humidity in these buildings makes the issue even more important.

  • Acoustics:
    When the machinery is working, noise inside is louder than 90 dB. We need to correct the reverberation time in order to enhance noise comfort within the building. Noise absorption can be achieved, but when we combine this requirement with high humidity and chemical components suspended in the air, we need to select a system dedicated to this, such as Hairaquatic and Wallaquatic.

  • Chemical corrosion:
    We can offer you coatings designed to protect metallic sheets from chemical corrosion, even when the steel sheet is perforated.
  • Fire: 
    Combustible raw materials, chemical products, combustible end products and a combination of all these, represent a potential fire risk. These particular conditions have been thoroughly examined by Arval and we can confirm that our products are in compliance with the most stringent requirements in terms of fire safety conditions. During the first stages of your project, Arval can help you choose the right systems for every part of your building, and when the worksite has commenced, we can provide the materials you need to construct our systems.


Our Hairaquatic system is the solution you need for these buildings because the thickness of the thermal insulator provides the ability to achieve the appropriate thermal insulation. This thermal insulation does not absorb water.

Recycling, water and waste treatment plants

The evolution of regulations in terms of waste management and treatment has led to the building of facilities such as compost plants, waste sorting plants, waste incinerators and sewage treatment plants.

These new facilities are getting bigger and bigger and, when built near towns, undergo more and more controls.

The public authorities may encourage measures to optimize environmental integration via vegetated roofing so that these buildings fold perfectly into the landscape.

  • Sound proofing and absorption:
    People living in the vicinity do not want to have to put up with sound annoyance or the inconvenience of unpleasant smells. Building closed facilities, in this case, means getting rid of these inconveniences, namely via sound proofing. In recycling plants, noise can be so loud that it proves to be necessary to address the sound absorption issue.

  • Thermal features:
    As for compost plants, buildings with thermal insulation are required so that temperature controls can be carried out to manage the industrial process.
  • Fire: 
    It is vital to employ optimal materials with high fire reaction performances in order to avoid the rapid spread of the fire. All products manufactured by Arval have good performances but we can also improve on them, if need be.

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