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The agri-foodstuffs market has got bigger and, therefore, performances are different according to the use made of the building.

This market must have buildings, which can store products at any temperature, from 20ºC to - 40ºC.

This means, a very wide range of products with appropriate performances is required to deal with all situations.


  • Thermal insulation:
    Since the inside temperature is above 28ºC in some parts of the building, you need to calculate the thermal insulation required in order to avoid condensation in wintertime. High humidity in these buildings makes the issue even more important. 

  • Fire:
    Although the risk of fire is not high, the structure, compartments and cladding need to be designed to guarantee safe emergency exits and rapid smoke evacuation. Arval provides a vast range of products in compliance with these special requirements.

Arval offers polyurethane panels with U values from 0,35 to 0,11 W/m2 ºK.

Arval has other systems to offer in case different performances are required in addition to thermal performances.


Globalization means that the product can be manufactured in any part of the world and sold elsewhere.

That is why we need to carry and store different products, materials or animals. In this respect, buildings have to be designed with thermal and acoustic performances because over time we may change what we store.


Depending on the products we store, the facilities may require a heating or a cooling system.


If we store fruit, a constant temperature of 4 to 6ºC is required.


However, when the stored goods are not perishable, the temperature should be right for the people working inside.


Most products in storage are combustible, which is why we should be especially careful about protecting the people who work there, as well as the firemen, the goods and the buildings nearby.

Active fire safety measures such as smoke detectors, sprinklers and smoke exhaust systems are commonly used. Their fire protection role is enhanced by the presence of the fire protection walls Arval can offer. Internal partitions or façades are often required with a special 30 to 180 minute fire resistance or even greater.


Arval can offer you various different systems suited to these requirements. 

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