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The production of a farm is in direct relation with the animals’ comfort. If the temperature in the building is too high or too low, the animals die.

When designing these buildings, we have to bear in mind the following performances:

  • Thermal features:
    It is important to have the right thermal insulation so that a small amount of energy is used to keep the building warm and stop it from getting cold. The animals help to maintain a warm atmosphere with low energy consumption.

  • Ventilation:
    With the right ventilation and thermal insulation, we can keep the temperature under control in the summer time, keep the heat out during the day with the insulation and cool down the building during the night with the ventilation.
  • Fire: 
    The structure, compartments and cladding need to be designed to guarantee safe emergency exits and rapid smoke evacuation. Delaying fire spread is so important because animals need time to evacuate. Arval provides a vast range of products in compliance with these special requirements.


 This system will allow you to reduce energy consumption all the time.

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