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Commercial buildings

The leisure centre application of commercial buildings is gradually taking precedence over that of a shopping centre.


This explains why requirements for these types of buildings are changing in order to enhance the comfort of the building.... read more

Sports buildings

In the design of these types of buildings, it is very important to look into what requirements are essential in order to achieve optimal performances when using the building..... read more

Public buildings

Hospitals are one of the most complex types of buildings. Each hospital comprises a wide range of services and functional units. Flexibility and expandability are also important since medical needs and modes of treatment will continue to evolve.

Hospitals must be easy to clean and maintain and this is facilitated by appropriate, durable materials and finishes... read more

Community buildings

Sound performance is the target of these buildings. Any noise is to be ruled out as it can disturb listening to music.

All systems must be studied, designed and properly installed because if some aspect is not correctly accomplished, the system will not work and the building will forever have bad more

Industrial buildings

The internal environment of these types of buildings is very aggressive because of high humidity, chemical particles suspended in the air, internal noise and the temperature inside. Arval has been working for years on developing systems, which are able to find the right balance between all these performances.... read more

Storage buildings

The agri-foodstuffs market has got bigger and, therefore, performances are different according to the use made of the building. This market must have buildings, which can store products at any temperature, from 20ºC to - 40ºC.

This means, a very wide range of products with appropriate performances is required to deal with all situations.... read more

Agricultural buildings

The production of a farm is in direct relation with the animals’ comfort. If the temperature in the building is too high or too low, the animals more