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Roof and wall joints

Differentiation between:

  • Custom made flashings

    The production of these flashings is project-specific, that means they are create for a separate project. For assembly a drawing is necessary. The thickness, number of corners, angles and the length up to 4 metre can be variable. 

  • Standard flashings

    The production is standardised and adjust for all our profiles and panels for roof and wall. Length and angles are mostly adapted and by using this flashings we can afford a fast and simple construction systeme. Please look at the following examples: 




Internal Ridge Flashing   Scolloped Ridge Flashing   Close Fitting Ridge



Vented ridge with snow screen  

Mono pitch ridge

  Barge board



Soaker flashings for vents   Soaker flshings for lighting apertures   Notched closer flashing



Edge flashing   Ridge against wall   Drip flashing for wall


Internal corner detail   External corner detail    

Smooth curved by rolling or curved by crimping

For this profiles we use our huge range of trapezoidal sheets for wall and roof. With an adapted position and interval of the across crimp we can create every favoured shape. To ensure less tolerance, we use electronic controlled presses. Smooth curving can also be obtained by roll forming.

Create attractive shapes with these profiles! Depending on the profile, the arc length can be 9 m and the minimal radius is 250 mm.

Also convexe and concave formes, even s-shaped bows can be made.

Translucent sheets

For nearly every roof-profile, we offer the adequate translucent sheets in fibre-glass reinforced polyester with a refined surface, in polycarbonate or PVC. For Panel-roofs we offer also adapted and insulated translucent sheets.

Polyester   Polycarbonate   PVC  / acryl glass

Dome lights and skylights

Factory made, we assemble frames for every kind of dome lights. The frames are insulated, coated in roof colour and delivered ready for mount. We also provide a wide range of curbs in polyester.


Soaker flashing for lighting

  Skylight   Soaker flashing for penetration

Fasteners, sealing tapes, profile fillers

Please use stainless fixation. We have a lot of special elements for fixation for profiles and panels at disposal.

Self-tapping screw
For profiles and paneels on steel beam. For flashings.

Thread screw
steel beams

For Lightweight steel construction and wooden constructions

Suitable for your profile type !

Sealing tape

Make no compromise and choose the right sealing tape in our wide offer and the correctly placement.

Typical applications :

  • Sealing tapes are necessary, when the roof inclination falls short of the permitted inclination. They are also necessary, when there is an mask cross joint. Self-adhesive PE strips and butyl-strips are used.
  • Joint tapes are used to fill the whitespace on the profiled inner surface. These strips are also self-adhesive and have different hardness grades.

Typical tapes :

Filler pieces

Filler pieces are used to sealing trapezoidal and waved proiles. They are made in a special waterresistant rigid foam. It is possible, to deliver singel pieces.

If there are high requirements in fire protection, we also offer filler pieces in incombustible mineral fibre.

Special models :

Special coating