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Keyron, a resistant coating

Keyron combines steel with a protective thermoplastic coating. This creates products with longer life and greater resistance to chemical and attacks and to very high hygrometry.

The coating offers different relief patterns: smooth and leather structure.

Keyron is a phthalate free plastisol coating recommended for internal use when aggressive and corrosive activities occurs inside the building.
We recommend you to send to our technical service the environmental questionnaire for paint system specification by our technical services.

According to the environment and the roof or wall system , Arval will recommend Keyron 150 or 200µ.

Further in the creativity
Welcome in a world sublimated by steel. Exceed the standards, release your imagination, Arval de ArcelorMittal puts in scene your most creative challenges. Discover an unequalled offer where symphony of colors and matters inspires the most beautiful architectural partitions. Create patinated or brilliant effects, chechmates or gleaming and multiply the sources inspiration with a broad collection aspects: prelacquered coloured, matt surface, Inoxtouch, Krystal… Arval build tomorrow while innovating with you.

Higher in technicality
Perenniality of the solutions and the colors, adaptation to the extreme climatic conditions, thermal, acoustic comfort and behavior in fire, Arval de ArcelorMittal structure its offer according to your waitings and that of the users. This step has as a will to develop respectful of environment and durable constructive systems with steel which can be recycled and recycled, and of the optimized coatings so that your creations express in perfect harmony with environment.

Download our Standard Colour Range

See our material guide for further description:

Keyron 150

Keyron 200