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Design for life, more than 17 years of success

CS ST Astier, B. Chinourf Architect

  • Hairexcel® continues to set new performance benchmarks
  • Performance, protection, appearance and total cost effectiveness are the factors taken into consideration when selecting Hairexcel®
  • Hairexcel® offers a unique combination of properties, such as:
    - Exceptional UV protection and weatherability
    - Colour and gloss stability with no geographical limitation
    - Very good abrasion resistance
    - Excellent adhesion properties
    - Toughness and flexibility with excellent impact resistance
    - Cost effectiveness
    - Environmental-friendly, none hazardous substance, best in class for volatile organic compound emission.
  • In addition, the metallic Hairexcel® coatings offer a very shining appearance


Construction Advice

For Hairexcel metallized coatings there may be shade variations between different lots, please ensure that all the material for the whole building (or façade) is ordered at the same time, and ensure that the material is erected in the same direction

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