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The first pre-painted steel specifically designed to provide effective protection against UV and corrosion, even when perforated

  • Developed to combine thermal efficiency and design, our sun screens made of Solexcel optimize the comfort of your buildings while allowing you to design customized facades at the best level of finish and durability
  • The sunscreens made of Solexcel® are constituted by a perforated profile or cassette installed on a secondary frame
  • The resistance over time of Solexcel® against ultraviolet light, chemicals, abrasion and corrosion around the perforations is based on a new technology developed by Arval and using a reinforced anti-corrosion multi-layer system


Construction Advice

For Solexcel® coatings there may be shade variations between different lots, please ensure that all the material for the whole building (or façade) is ordered at the same time, and ensure that the material is erected in the same direction

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