Colors and coatings

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Colors & Coatings

Explore new facades

Welcome to a world enhanced by steel. Surpass expectations and free your imagination, Arval by ArcelorMittal realises your most innovative challenges.
Discover an unequalled offer where symphony of colors inspires the most beautiful architectural partitions. Create patinated or glossy effects, multiply the sources of inspiration with a broad collection aspects: pre-painted colours, matt surface, Stainless steel, Krystal, Indaten… Arval build tomorrow while innovating with you.

Enhanced technicallity

Arval by ArcelorMittal organises its offer according to your expectations and those of the users :

Perenniality of the solutions and the colors, adaptation to the extreme climatic conditions, thermal, acoustic comfort and behavior in fire, Arval by ArcelorMittal structures its offer in perfect harmony with environment: sustainable constructive systems with steel which can be recycled and recycled, durable colors adaptated to agressions and pollution.

Coatings positionning based on their ultraviolet and corrosion resistance