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Imagine and build your vision

ArcelorMittal Construction is the leading global provider of steel building systems and solutions made of profiles and sandwich panels for roofing , cladding, composite floors, light gauge structures. The high level of expertise, technology and services for innovative solutions and cost effective concepts will create value for investors, planners and contractors. Supported by his technical expertise the company propose construction systems that respond to thermal, acoustic, airtightness and fire requirements,…

ArcelorMittal Construction is established in 15 countries; Austria, Belgium, Croatia, CZ Republic, France, French Islands, Germany, Hungaria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland 

Visible dynamics with pioneering technology

Architecture is an art, through which the imagination is emotionally enriched by external impressions. The search for an optimal interplay of facade and roof is a constructive challenge for the planner. A comprehensive notion of building structure no longer ends with the facade nowadays. The roof is now included as the „fifth facade“taking all structural functions into consideration.

Whether made of coloured steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc or copper, the wide selection of materials and shapes provided by Arval makes it easy to create complex design elements, thus opening up the limits of design for almost any conceivable form.


Products for roof and wall systems are manufactured in accordance with latest green technologies. Sustainability on all fabrication levels is a commitment with tradition at ArcelorMittal.
For more information on steel and sustainability kindly consult our brochure "Steel solutions for green Buildings"

International Activities

It is our policy to put our knowledge and experience to the service of our customers.

The strengths and opportunities of our company, as well as the expertise and commitment of our experienced, multilingual international staff are a solid foundation for a productive partnership with our customers. We have manufacturing plants for curtain wall systems, profiles, sandwich elements and accessories throughout Europe and overseas, which means we can meet the tightest of schedules from tendering to delivery including the related engineering and design work. Our services for modern industrial architecture:

For investors

- Short construction times thanks to extensive prefabrication
- Energy-efficient and fire resistant design
- Economical, low-maintenance components in accordance with state of the art standards

For planners

- System consulting at the project stage
- Assistance for tender documents
- A wide range of colours, systems and profile designs

For contractors

- Worldwide just-in-time delivery
- Expert advice on application
- Layout plans, detailed solutions and parts lists

ISO 14001 standard


ISO 9001 standard

ISO 50001 standard