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Prepainted steel, colors and coatings

Further in creativity

Welcome to a world sublimated by or raw steel. Discover an unequaled offer where a symphony of colors and materials inspires the most beautiful architectural partitions. Create patinated or shiny, matte or shimmering effects and multiply the sources of inspiration with a large collection of aspects: colored prepainted, matte surface, Inoxtouch, Kristal, ...

Become creative, test our new color configurator!
Choose from the shades of the Prestige range and simulate the fascinating change of Intense, Pearl and Irysa shades on the facade. Enjoy the breathtaking color scheme of our Irysa shades according to the angle of view or position of the sun
Higher up in technicality
Durability, adaptation to extreme weather conditions, Arval de ArcelorMittal offers environmentally friendly and sustainable materials with recycled steel

Guide to coatings according to their resistance to ultraviolet and corrosion