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SINEA®, is a pre-painted galvanized steel coated in a continuous, highly automated process with a multilayer polyurethan paint of 85 µm. SINEA® is the high-end offer of exceptional durability guaranteed for up to 40 years. SINEA® is resistant to extreme climates and the most severe marine atmospheres. SINEA® offers the highest degree of durability without any geographical limitation or shade exception

  • Based on our experience and our desire to offer ever more efficient products, Sinea® is a 85 μm multi-layer system. Since each of these layers is chemically different, the properties of the new coating outperform the individual performance of each component
  •  This new technology has enabled the development of the most resistant coating in the world of pre-painted steel
  • Sinea® has the highest warranty of the range: up to 40 years!

Attention: the rendering of the colors on digital support, or any other than steel, may differ from the real rendering on our bins. For more information, do not hesitate to consult


Construction Advice

For Sinea metallized coatings there may be shade variations between different lots, please ensure that all the material for the whole building (or façade) is ordered at the same time, and ensure that the material is erected in the same direction