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Flamstyl® S: 600-915-1000-1100mm

Flamstyl®S is an insulated sandwich panel with a core made of mineral wool and prepainted steel facing for wall application with secret fixing, the panels are produced at Pflaum known for their high level product quality

  • The Flamstyl® S architectural panels with secret fixing solution offer freedom of design while respecting the most demanding thermal and fire regulations.
  • Non conbustible facade adapted for public buildings and for logistics buildings requiring high fire resistance

Agnios® standard edges

Effistos® , the Module 4  turned down edges

  • Core: Mineral Wool 140 Kg/m3
  • Working width: 1000mm (600-915-1100 others)
  • Thickness: 80mm to 200mm
  • Maximum length: 15ml
  • Fire performance : A2-s1,d0
  • Facing: prepainted steel Colorissime
  • 2 options : Effistos®, panel with bended extremity and Agnios® with classical cutted extremity
Thickness (mm) 80 100 120 140 150 160 180 200
Uc (W/m².K) 0,542 0,441 0,371 0,320 0,300 0,282 0,252 0,227

Construction Advice

Installation according to CSTB agreement or DIBT Zulassung

Mineral Wool Panels

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  Flamstyl® V

PUR & PIR Panels

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Document Technical Application

  Document Technical Application