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Promisol® V1150

Promisol® V1150 is an insulated sandwich panel with a core made of PRT-Hexacore® (Polyisocyanurate PIR) and prepainted steel facing for wall application

  • The insulated sandwich panel Promisol® V1150 can be installed horizontally or vertically with span up to 6ml with standard visible fixing
  • The system is characterized by an exceptional ease of installation while respecting the most demanding thermal regulations. Thicknesses up to 200 mm are offered for thermal Uc value down to 0,114W/m2K
  • Double joints system combined with a special air leakage seal in order to  comply with the new airtighness building regulation

  Approuval guide Promisol® V1150 and Frigotherm®

Promisol® V1150

  • Core: PIR polyisocyanurate
  • Thickness: 40mm to 200mm
  • Fire performance on advice
  • Facing: prepainted steel Colorissime
  • Promisol® V1000 length 1000 optional
  • Maximum length : 15ml
  • Double joint from 100mm

Promisol® V1150 AMC 01

Thickness (mm) 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200
Uc (W/m².K) 0,551 0,372 0,281 0,226 0,189 0,162  0,142  0,126 0,114
R (m².K/W) 1,65 2,55 3,40 4,30 5,15 6,00 6,90 7,75 8,65

Construction Advice

Installation according to CSTB agreement or DIBT Zulassung


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ArcelorMittal Construction, first manufacturer of sandwich panels polyisocyanurate certified ACERMI

Promisol® V AMC 01