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Liner trays for built-up double skin cladding

The HACIERBA Liner trays are the component of GLOBALWALL double skin solutions.These systhems are associated  with different layers of thermal insulation,  ocassional spacers and external wall cladding profile.

The acoustic performance is achieved using type C (punctured) or type P (round perforations) HACIERBA Trays.

All double skin GlobalWall systems as well as their thermal-acoustic performances are displayed in Systems & Solutions and further detailed in thermal-acustic solutions guide.

Liner trays for built-up double skin cladding

Hacierba 1.450.70 BH/BHC

Hacierba 1.450.70 HR/HRC/HRP

Hacierba 1.400.90  BS/BSC

Hacierba 1.400.90 SR/SRC/SRP

Hacierba 1.500.90  BS/BSC Hacierba 1.500.90 SR/SRC/SRP Hacierba 1.600.100  VK/VKP Hacierba 1.600.150 VK/VKP
Liner trays supporting metallic cladding ArcelorMittal Construction France
Supportwall 450.70/70P Supportwall 400.90/90P Supportwall 500.90/90P  
Liner trays  for HAIRAQUA double skin cladding 
Hacierba 1.450.70 HR Hacierba 1.400.90 SR Hacierba 1.500.90 SR